Conscious Christmas Gift ideas

It’s the 1st of December and Christmas is fast approaching. I am already humming Carol of the Bells, thinking of decorating my tree and making some delicious cookies. The shops have also been stepping up their holiday game this year. Seriously, they started decorating for Christmas even before Halloween came, it’s insane. I know many of you took advantage of Black Friday to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones, but if you’re like me and tend to leave everything for the last minute, I got you covered.

I’m all about conscious consuming, so naturally I’m not a big fan of malls or huge online retailers. For the past year, I’ve been trying to buy less from popular stores and more from local small businesses. I love supporting Romanian artists and artisans, because I feel like they benefit from my money more than the already rich companies. Giving someone a carefully made, one of a kind item, created with love and passion makes the gift much more personal and meaningful.

So, if you still don’t know what to get your loved ones this year, I’ve scouted a few sites, Instagram accounts and Facebook pages of Romanian shops you can choose from:

Blissful wood ornaments

Alexandra turns wood pieces into wonderful fairytales. Personally, I plan to decorate my tree with a ton of her ornaments, because I really can’t decide on just one. They fill my heart with joy and I love that no two are alike. You can order them by sending her a message on Instagram. Here are some of my favorites:

A miniature house for a Home

Casute decorative creates stunning miniature wood houses, perfect for gifting this holiday. Each of them is unique and hand crafted with love. You can choose from small tree ornaments, key/cup hangers, book stoppers and décor pieces. Send her a message on Instagram for ordering yours before Christmas.

Fairytale soaps

Elia brings handmade soap to a whole new level. I’ve already ordered mine and I can’t wait to smell them. Apart from epic soap, she also makes lip balms, bath bombs and body scrubs. You can contact her on Instagram or simply order from the shop. Hurry up, as the last delivery date for this year is 15 December! Here are some of my personal picks:

A toy to remember

If you need to buy presents for children, why not choose a handmade toy? They’re unique, adorable and your child will surely fall in love with it. I know I have. Atelierul de bumbac makes these from scratch and I’m seriously considering buying one for myself. Orders can be placed on Instagram.

Ceramic wonders

I’ve found the most marvelous ceramic pieces at Peaches and papers, such as these delicate Christmas tree ornaments, beautifully crafted brooches and some baby vases, which are adorable. You can order on Instagram or buy them directly from the shop. Here are my favorites:

More ceramic wonders

Ok, I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to ceramics. I must admit it’s one of my favorite forms of art, so naturally I fell in love with the creations from pământiu. The color scheme and the overall vibe are beautiful. You can order from the shop or via Instagram.

Honorable mentions

I would have included all the craft accounts I follow and love, but this article is already getting too long. However, there are a few that I must include here, because they are very dear to me and believe they deserve the attention. So here are some other accounts that might inspire you to choose personal, handmade and perhaps more sustainable gifts, while also supporting the people that are passionate about what they do:

Cedru, if you love gorgeous wood pieces as much as I do:

Atelierul de Fire Colorate, which had me at Winter Fox book cover (already ordered mine):

Luna, for lovely moon pieces but also adorable animal pins:

Lumânărici parfumate, for all of you who want to add a little magic to your home:

Pottery Paw, who makes the most adorable ceramic foxes and so much more:

Jucarii store, for bringing back childhood. Also a perfect gift to get your children this Christmas:

Corina Marina Ceramics, if you want to ditch the cheap plastic ornaments and opt for something unique and handmade:

ArtsyCrochet, in case you can’t get enough of adorable toys:

I hope this article inspires you this Christmas to support small local businesses. If you enjoyed it and want me to post more accounts like these, let me know in the comments.

Happy holidays!

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  • Lavinia M

    Welcome back! XD Loved all of these.I’ve been searching for a while now and consider whether to buy something or delete my old favourite list from there (after seeing the same stuff for 5+ years, they kinda lost the magic).

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